The Dealership of the future?

Toyota city showcase -Megaweb, is very much like the Toyota museum in witch is has cars on display, how ever it is more focused on Motorsport’s and concepts as well was what is available at a dealership today.

Think of it as a dealership of the future as you can test drive car’s and concepts and see cool robot’s Toyota has designed. my focus here was motorsport, and boy was i excited to see the Leman’s car sitting front of shop as soon as i walked in. 

Further to the side i stumbled across the Gazoo Racing section to see a wonderful LFA Race spec, now if i ever win 1st division loto this is the car i will buy myself. I have always loved the LFA so to see another one but in race spec was cool. little did i know further on down the track Gazoo racing would make its way into australia and replace the old TRD.






before this day i knew about the Japanese Touring car series, i did not know much about it other then in the 90’s it was cool as you had GTR’s, NSX’s and Supra’s fighting it out in the top class and then MR2’s, Silvia’s and so on in the lower classes. it later became Super GT. and it was truly my 1st look into aerodynamics of a race car in person. all the little things in wired places did something that helped aero performance and i guess you would say the bug had bit me, i wanted to learn more.

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