The Trip of a lifetime,

I have wanted to go to Japan for over 10 years and I guess being a pussy to commit to a trip, the rumours of it being expensive, and the whole language barrier thing had put me off making the effort to head over. This year I pulled my finger out and booked a 4 week trip over there and saw a few sights along the way; one of which was the Toyota Museum in Osaka.




Once we left Osaka we had a lot of day trips to different places before we made our way to Nagoya. Nagoya is home to two of my favourite places on my trip; Toyota Museum and Kidsheart. I have to say I really enjoyed this town not only for these two sites, but also as a whole. The Toyota museum had a mixture of all car manufacturers, not just Toyota’s so was nice to see such a range of cars. There was everything from the Toyota AA , to Ford Model T’s and even VW’s.



I spent about 3-4 hours at the Toyota Museum looking around and shopping and I walked out with a few books and souvenirs. I would recommend this stop off to any car fan, and not just Toyota fan’s due to the variety of cars on display. There was a lot to see and do and I enjoyed it a lot.



for more information about the Toyota Automobile Museum please see the below.