LX80’s i have passed up many, most people stay clear of them. not Bevin he as turned what most would consider the lower end of the X8 want list into a thing of beauty.

This will be a two part post due to the website being recreated i know how this project ends up. so first i will cover the beginning of the project and then i guess i will have to organise a trip to Bevin’s workshop to get an update.

What is there to say really? you look at a diesel powered X8, you know it has no power it has a weak solid axle and you end up passing on it. Not Bevin for some reason he spotted a blank canvas something he could test his fabrication skills on and being a fabricator it was a testament of what he could pull of.






After the car arrived as his workshop, it was stripped and the rollcage was fabricated and in this day and age with people going crazy with roll cage it was good to see a straight to the point cage put in, no unnecessary over kill bar’s for e-fame just what was needed to get the job done.

after that, the car got the standard front tubbing treatment and the engine was trail fitted. not the standard Turbo Diesel normally found in a Toyota Surf, but the high revving toyota V8 the 1UZFE but not any run of the mill 1UZ, Bevin made sure of that by strapping on a Turbo.





After this stage the car did sit for some time, Bevin’s Fabrication business took off and well this car sat on the sidelines for some time. After some time the rear end had to be sorted and while most people would do a X83 IRS Swap, Bevin again decided to go against the grain and went with a hilux solid rear end. to this day i would have never of thought about doing this swap but it has paid off, this car has great fitment, a rear end that is just about indestructible, hats off to him for being different and pulling it off.

Wait for Part 2 of this build, when we catch up with Bevin to get some pictures of the car completed.