The Supra Concept?

I thought i would give this car its own post, to be honest it was a car when i had seen the pictures plastered all over the internet i was not fond of it. how ever it grew on me and i wanted to see it in person.

so off to Toyota Central and MegaWeb i went to check out what some people had been calling the new Supra.

I have to say in person this car is beautiful, at 1st i hated what i call the snub nose look. but it grew on me and i enjoyed it more and more, the side vents are a nice touch and give this car sleek line’s that appealed to me and not being a supra fan of any sort i have to say this is the 1st one i came across saying i would own.

How ever i have to say since seeing this and the new soon to be released supra. i have to say i want the FT1 it was a larger car, looked aggressive and right at home against the new NSX and GTR’s.

What are your thoughts?

while here, on the lower level i did spot what was the TRD FT86 and C-HR’s that looked kinda cool all kitted out.