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The FT1

The Supra Concept? I thought i would give this car its own post, to be honest it was a car when i had seen the...

Daikoku Futo… Take 2

So good we had to come back. Daikoku as i said in the last post has to be a highlight of any car enthusiast trip...

Matsuri – Queensland

Dreams do come true. if you read my Kidsheart post you know that i have been a huge fan of Tezuka since he 1st came...

Toyota city showcase – MegaWeb

The Dealership of the future? Toyota city showcase -Megaweb, is very much like the Toyota museum in witch is has cars on display, how ever...


KIDSHEART!!! Another one of my other favourite place we visited in Nagoya was of course Kidsheart. After meeting my idol Tsuyoshi Tezuka at a Full...

Toyota automobile museum

The Trip of a lifetime, I have wanted to go to Japan for over 10 years and I guess being a pussy to commit...