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HKS Tokyo

HKS Tokyo, On a recent trip to japan i made an effort to go to HKS Tokyo, no intention of doing anything really i just...

LED Van’s are the coolest.

I dont have much to say about this vehicles other then i love them. i dont know what it is about them but the...

Daikoku Futo… Take 2

So good we had to come back. Daikoku as i said in the last post has to be a highlight of any car enthusiast trip...

Toyota city showcase – MegaWeb

The Dealership of the future? Toyota city showcase -Megaweb, is very much like the Toyota museum in witch is has cars on display, how ever...

Daikoku Parking Area

The place of dream's. Daikoku Parking Area is the place to be if you are any type of car person. It is a true indication...

Mooneyes – Yokohama

Yokohama is a beautiful town and a bit different to the other towns I had been in previously. The roads are wider and it...