Yokohama is a beautiful town and a bit different to the other towns I had been in previously. The roads are wider and it does have a western kind of style I guess. On route we stopped off at a couple workshops like WELD and Works before we went to Mooneyes. We also stopped into Up-Garage Yokohama. Up-Garage Yokohama was one of the bigger Up-garages we stopped at but I must say it did not have as many good things as the other ones. This was maybe due to the location, and being more popular with westerners. Most westerners go to Yokohama for the workshops and then the Wangan afterwards, so they had catered to this by having westerners/tourist gifts. Nonetheless it was good to walk around and have a look and the staff there were very friendly.

Arriving at Mooneyes I was a bit unsure of what to expect. I knew Mooneyes for hot rods but being a Japanese based hot rod shop I wasn’t sure what to expect… – can you blame me?, Japan has some crazy things! Anyway as we were walking in I spotted this nice Crown; nothing crazy about it, it was just a nice clean cruiser and did make me want to finish my MX32 project I have.






Next to this was this modified VW Beetle. It was very clean looking and you could tell it was modified with the engine pushing the rear bonnet/hood up, and the roll cage in it made me suspect that this thing was a quick little car.






Last but not least was inside the shop with a nice collection of Motorbikes, merchandise as well as car parts up stairs. You could spend hours in here just looking at all the old classic Mooneye items they have on display alone. Not to forget that have a restaurant next door with some of the best burgers I have ever tasted. I would recommend anyone going to Japan who is into cars to stop here – even if you are not into classic cars or hotrods/choppers.









One of the enjoyments was the restaurant, the hamburgers are some of the best i have had, and i would highly recommend. the Toilet is also the who’s who of what seems to be drifter’s and hotrodders from around the world.