Dreams do come true.

if you read my Kidsheart post you know that i have been a huge fan of Tezuka since he 1st came to australia, rather strange considering i’m not hugly into drifting. I think it was more the car control and see what he could do with a car that made me sit back and go wow.

Fast forward over 10 years Ciscokids is going well with parts selling, S.A Matsuri was a blast and it was about time we did another trip. Queensland has always been my favorite drift scene, having gone to events with the Auszoku guy’s when i was up there and just seeing the quality of car’s and driving was exciting to watch. very different at the time to the melbourne scene of missiles and rust.

so the opportunity came up to bring Tsuyoshi Tezuka to QLD for Drift matsuri, we had more X8’s on the road and a car just for him. it seemed like all things aligned. so it was booked in.

Fast forward a good 12+ month’s of organising, finishing car’s and just wrapping up the minor details of the trip. a lot seemed to change in my personal life, i left my job to pressure another that turned out to be in simple terms to good to be true and ended up job less.

Not the best feeling when you are about to have a Japanese driver come from Japan and you are hosting him and you live in a totally different state. None the less i had some savings and there was nothing stopping this event taking place.

Last minute changes did take place however now there was another japanese driver coming, Kazumasa Yakushi and for people who dont know Kazu he is the owner of workshop Sonic Boom and known in japan and around the world as the MR2 Drifter. to be honest i did not know him before he came but i did know of the workshop. none the less i was excited and also nervous.

Car’s got loaded onto a huge car freighter, thanks to James and his work connection’s and a week later i was flying out to QLD to meet the car’s and prep for the event.

The start of the event, landing in QLD i was pumped and excited. I arrived the day before to pick up a rental car and get the hotel sorted, however my license had expired so i could not hire a car. 1st panic set in as what was i going to do? i have japanese drivers on there way from japan and i cant even transport them. lucky enough i had a japanese translator who was based in australia and she offered to help and signed the car out for me.

OK 1st crisis over. next crisis was only just about to begin. Tezuka had landed with Kazu and with in 20 min of landing he lost his helmet somewhere at the airport. so we spent a couple hours searching and checking with lost property at brisbane airport to no avail. lucky enough Neil from Queensland raceway had a spare helmet for him.

we went to the track to give tezuka the once over in regards to rules and track safety here in australia and once that was done we meet up with the other Melbourne guy’s and the truck driver who happened to be unloading.

Once unloaded and the guys got there first look at the cars they would be driving, Tezuka James’s 2JZ GT35 powered X83 and Kazu whatever was free witch ended up being Matt’s BA Falcon Ute and Eddies SR20 KE70.

Once the event began us victorian’s started having issues, QLD was in a heat wave and a lot of us melbourne guy’s done have to deal with this dry type of heat, first to go was Tezuka’s witch ended up having a suspected head gasket fail due to the heat. to combat this some good old fashioned liquid head gasket into the poor 2JZ and the temp fix would just need to last the event and it did to our surprise.

2nd to let go was Chris’s X81 with a suspected blown motor. Well chris being as proactive as he is, found a 1JZ in QLD that had been sitting in a shed and with nothing more to loose he went and got it. with no engine crane and only basic tool’s it was a huge task to do an engine swap in the heat at the track. but what can i say it was done myself, Mez and some others all helped squat the engine out, who say’s gym doesn’t pay off?  with the engine out it was full steam ahead and Chris was out running again by the late afternoon and had the full day sunday.






in the meantime, Steph, Grant, Brad and a huge amount of the QLD Cressida guy’s came in to help letting Tezuka take there car’s out and putting on Ciscokids stickers to help advertise. New zealanders Keisuke from 86 Fighters and Ai Takada in all honesty i was over the moon these are all people i have not met before and some chases my only contact was a quick chat on facebook if that and they all reached out and helped when they could.

After the event wrapped up, we all headed back to the motel. lets just say it was an awesome night. everyone together and drinks flowing.

All i have to say is keep Tezuka and Kazu away from tequila if you want to have a good night’s sleep 🙂 but that is a story for another night.

I must say even though i was jobless and stressed, i would not have changed anything i blew my savings, borrowed money off my girlfriend to make it all happen and what came out of it all? a memory i will never forget, a highlight of my life and of course new friends. who i talk to regularly and even on trips to japan or there trips to australia i catch up with both Tezuka and Kazu.

The people in the below photo helped greatly. All the Melbourne boy’s Bevin, Chris, Mez, Eddie, Matt and NZ’er Keisuke and of course Tezuka