We get together with some friends and travel to South Australia for what is the 1st Ciscokids road trip.

it was years ago when this trip happened, me having just bought out my first product and put social media together to get the word out. it was someone’s idea i think Grinter’s who said we should all head over for a weekend and i guess it was right place right time as i jumped on it and so did a small part of the Cressida community that i knew of.

Every time i drive to S.A it seems like a good idea and a short drive, but i soon remember a couple hours into it just how long the trip is. First stop was the first Mcdonalds out of Melbourne, there was a decent amount of us making the trip over.

Myself, Katrina my wife, Aaron, Evie, Grinter, Breen, Ruby and we had 2 Car’s. First stop Katrina decided to get the stickers out and sticker up the car’s for the weekend. to be honest it was a good feeling this was the first Ciscokids sticker’s made with the intention of getting noticed. I was excited for the weekend and what could happen.






It was not long after we all started feeling sorry for Grinter, he was lucky enough to have Ruby and Breen in the car and they decided to hit the drinks early. So while we had a laugh it did extend the trip by at least an hour with all the toilet stops we had to take.

Once in a Adelaide we went straight the the caravan park with the intention of a early night, as gates opened at mallala at the sunrise and we had been located a good 30-45 minutes out from the track.

Once we arrived at the track and got to our shed we met up with fellow friend and Ciscokids supporter Matt Lyall and his recently finished JZX81 Chaser.






Before we knew it the track was open and everyone was out on the track, this event was the enjoyable i had my new girlfriend, whom is now my wife and good friends by my side.

Katrina had her 1st ride in a drift car with Grinter driving, he did not disappoint with big backwards entries┬ácoming into turn one. With all the guy’s out on the track we soon started running into what Grinter likes to call the Mallala curse.





Frist Matt was having teething issues with his newly put together car, Then Aaron came in after breaking a XM Front LCA Ball joint this was back when XM was the only producer of X8 Cressida item’s and it almost put Aaron out for the day. Aaron was lucky enough to get a complete front end off the guy in the shed behind us who just happened to blow his motor so was out for the day. So began the job of putting the front end in.






After this, Matt was in again dealing with gremlins and last but not least, Grinter came in after falling to his Mallala curse.




After the event was all said and done we headed back to our caravan park and then headed back to melbourne the following day. i have to say the event was actioned packed and i met people who i still talk to today and it overall was a success and i would like to do the road trip again but maybe not Mallala and the new Talium Bend.