What makes this event?

Every year i try and make Kustom national’s it is one of the few events that incorporates everything it is about the 50’s in one place.





The event itself is run the first weekend of January and has events at Phillip Island Circuit, San Remo and Cowes foreshores. The event goes for 3 day’s and its all about the 50’s.






the Circuit itself has cruising around the track all day with expo’s running, live music, dancing and as you guessed it Pin up girl’s. From this event depending on the day you go Friday San Remo, Saturday Cowes, Sunday San Remo the foreshore is blocked off and all entrants to the event are allowed to park up on the street, Entrants and visitors are normally dressed up in 50’s attire and you can see them all hanging around either having a cold drink or dancing at one of the many live bands playing across the foreshore.






i really enjoy this event not so much for the car’s witch i do enjoy a lot, but more the atmosphere it creates with everyone there just enjoying the laid back time’s of yesteryear and of course some awesome swing dancing.

for more information about the event please see.