Another one of my other favourite place we visited in Nagoya was of course Kidsheart. After meeting my idol Tsuyoshi Tezuka at a Full Lock drift day at Calder Park, I had wanted go to Kidsheart to see his car in person for over 10 years.  Having owned a 1JZ Cressida and now the Kidsheart/HKS JZX81 Yamaha edition this was like the holy place for all things X Chassis related.

It was a bit of a walk from the nearest train station; maybe 30-45min walk (mind you it would have been a lot quicker if we knew what side of the road to be on), and the main road that Kidsheart is on is separated by an Express way so you can only cross it every couple k’s. We didn’t know this until we were half way there on the wrong side of the freeway unable to cross! This Expressway was like a huge tease as we had to walk past the car yard to get to the next cross point; however the walk was worth the reward. I was like a kid in a candy shop. I ended up buying stickers and merchandise – anything I could find and whatever would fit me.


We were lucky that the people inside where very nice and helpful even though they could not speak any English at all. They were also nice enough to let me have free access to take any pictures I would like which was great.

I apologise about the quality of my photos. This trip was the first time I had tried to use my camera so they may not be the best but I did my best and I’m still trying to learn how to use it!

Kidsheart is an established car sales yard with workshop and RC track. Looking at pictures off Facebook I did not think the RC track was that big, however it turned out to be rather decent in size. I might have to build one of them if I ever get a factory.

Let’s start with the Whale. This car stood out heaps just due to size, and I still don’t understand how they can drift these in Japan having such tight roads. Nonetheless I would still love one.

After the Whale we had a look at one of their D1SL/Club cars; a Nice looking JZX100. This thing was wide and just had a nice look. If you removed the stickers you could imagine it driving down the street like normal (well normal for Australian roads, in Japan I don’t know what is normal after some of the things I had seen!).

If you’re not familiar with Kidsheart, Kidsheart was an original dealer of the Nissan Sil80. So naturally they did have a large Nissan presence in the yard. All their cars just looked like they should all be out on the track, but then you remember this is a car yard and everything is for sale.


Last but not least the holy grail of JZX81’s and probably one of the main reasons people get into X chassis; the pink car.  It was sad to see it in the state was in but was an awesome experience in regards to seeing how he had done things on this car vs my car which was also built by Kidsheart.




As you can tell from the last blog post I’m not one to go into detail over everything. I’m sorry about that as I could go on forever about all the cars I have posted. The trip has made me want to go back ASAP. If you do have any questions about anything in relation to my Japan trip feel free to ask and I will help you out as best as I can.