So i thought it was time i made a build post on the project im working on.
Old owners build thread (no pictures showing, Might need access to view)…r=asc&start=0

Not so much a set goal car, just something all-around fun, cool and a little different. Picked the X3 back in March 2014 from owner Sam

First thing i did was bolt-on chin spoiler and some flairs I then removed them and got over the whole scene kid STANCED bolt-on flare look.

During this time i started my project company Ciscokids (Cressida/X Chassis focused parts) bought a bunch of investment properties and shares and really gave up on cars.
so, of course, the car’s came to a halt. So this brings me to 2015 and as apart of Ciscokids i bring over Tezuka for QR matsuri and meeting the QLD Guy’s and the scene there really
re-sparked my interest in cars again. So start sorting my Debt’s and paying them off and then decided to propose to GF to find out this will put another year delay on me getting to play with car’s

When i got home i went to restore the car to get it back on the road and this happened.

It took a year and a half to find a new rear windscreen. the goal was to then have the car for the wedding but delays at the painter meant i did not get the car back for 7 month’s All inside boot painted, door jam’s and behind doors painted in Toyota Black 202 the rest will be painted once i have fitted everything and welded up holes