The place of dream’s.

Daikoku Parking Area is the place to be if you are any type of car person. It is a true indication of what japanese car scene is about, you have so many cars in one area and from all different scene’s

Being the 1st time i have gone here, i found the drive in rather difficult. It was my 1st time using GPS and driving in a multi story freeway. so turn left may have meant turn left on level 2. after some hours of driving from mooneyes yokohama we finally got to the spot. for those who dont know, mooneyes is like 20-30 min away.





Even though it was rather late, we did seem to get there a bit early there was still a nice variety of cars on display. from the classic japanese ute’s and van’s to your drifter’s/wangan racers we had been lucky enough to see the supermade S13. but the highlight of my night was the crazy ferrari and the Van’s these things are just eye catching.
If you ever get the chance to go i highly recommend it.