Ciscokids – The story so far


Welcome to the history of Ciscokids, this is how it all started and an insight as to where I want to take it.

Well first let me start by telling you how I came up with the name. Ciscokids came from a lot of things I either enjoy or relate to somehow and what I think the Company is about. There are 3 main links within the name: “The Cisco Kid” movie, “Ciscokid” by Cypress Hill, and Kidsheart, the company/person.

Firstly, The Cisco Kid was an old country and western TV series, in fact it was the first filmed in colour. The Cisco Kid was a heavy drinker who loved his alcohol (not unlike myself). This links to one of my favourite movies of all time; “How High”. How High is a movie that started Method Man and Redman, and if you have not seen these movies I suggest you do. How High was one of my favourites growing up and to this day I still quote a lot from the movie. Funnily enough Cypress Hill play a song called Ciscokid, and it links in the TV Show and also my love of a good alcoholic beverage.

Secondly, the reason I went with Ciscokids as the name was due to my Computer programing background. As a lot of people know, Cisco is a network company and almost in every office building in the world a house hold name when it comes to networking. Networking is what Ciscokids is about and connecting people within the X Chassis owners or just anyone in general who is trying to help Australian Manufacturing/Motorsport.

Finally, the last link – Kidsheart. Kidsheart is a major player in the X Chassis game and a great company/person (Tezuka Tsuyoshi). I had to pay homage to him especially after meeting him in my early Cressida ownership days and the help he has given me with my current project.

So all in all, this is how the name came about. Now you’ll understand it is not just a random name, it is something I have put a lot of thought into.

What Ciscokids was originally going to be was an everyday run of the mill Blog. It was pretty much just going to be posts about events I went to and the progress on my car. It was not until later on I decided this was not what I really wanted to go with and I put the project on hold. After just getting back into an X chassis car after 3-4 years away I started to notice a lot more people being interested in them and yet there was not much support for them in Australia, both technically and parts wise.

The first thing I did was let a friend (Adam from Missile motorsports) mould my Kidsheart kit…. After that happened I started getting requests for the Yamaha rear spoiler from people, my first thought was; no – it is what makes my car different, it is mine. After some time, I thought it is about time I gave back to the community that helped me and when I first started. So it was born, and Ciscokids started our first part – the Yamaha spoiler.

Where do I want to take Ciscokids? Well I want to take Ciscokids into the ‘mainstream’ helping out X chassis owners all over the world with not only well manufactured Australian parts, but also technical information. A lot of people want to keep information to themselves, and coming from a computer world I’m all about open source so sharing information is what I plan on doing.


I guess I will finish off by saying thank you for taking the time out to read this and thanks for supporting Ciscokids.

Regards, Rob aka Robaphent