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Are you a customer who needs help, or someone who simply supports us? Then feel free to contact us that’s what Ciscokids is here for.

We are looking for writers, translators (from Japanese to English), photographers, videographers who enjoy all things automotive. Contact us if you are passionate about going to car events, looking at or building custom cars and taking pictures. We can work together to build interesting and unique content that will be enjoyed around the globe.

we are also looking for programmers and technical-minded people to help build and develop our learning centre.

Contact us if you.

  • Are a professionally minded person who can be reached by email or phone.
  • Passionate about the automotive/motorsports field.
  • Like writing articles or technical documents
  • Take photos or videos of cars (or know somebody who does.) or
  • Understand HTML, CSS, Java, WordPress.

Are you a company that makes car parts? If so, advertise your products on Ciscokids. We are offering companies a chance to publish advertorial content on our site, free of charge.

Send an article describing your product and the story behind it, plus photos and we will post the article on Ciscokids.

These are the categories we have for parts:

  • Exterior
  • Interior
  • Suspension
  • Steering
  • Engine

Advertise your products on Ciscokids, free for a limited time. One of our main goals is to help stimulate a shrinking industry by being a bridge between car enthusiasts, auto shops, brands and companies, both within Australia and globally. If you would like the people at Ciscokids to fine-tune your article, that option is available. or you can also choose to have us interview you about your product.