The beginning


Hi and welcome to the Ciscokids website.

I will start buying giving you a quick rundown of who I am and what Ciscokids is.

My interest in automotive life began at a young age as I have been around the car scene all my life. My Dad used to take me to the illegal drag racing in his V8 HQ (Holden Kingswood for the people outside of Australia). One early memory was of him blowing a diff whilst doing a burnout and having to change it in a shopping center car park. Another memory is in his Ford Falcon blowing a conrod out the block from trashing it on a highway run. Good memories.  At age 16 a friend and I got a Holden Gemini and from this; illegal drag racing, burnouts and high speed runs became the norm (not that you could call 140km/h a high speed run these days, but for a 16 year old it was fast). This lead onto bigger and better cars and more car related events – from HYPO Runs (illegal Cannonball runs) to Classic Japanese Show & Shines, and some events like World Time Attack and SAU Deca days.

The idea for Ciscokids came to me in about 2010 when I decided I would like to make a blog and cover automotive events. I discussed the idea with two friends and they thought it was a good idea and went on to make their own Blog together. This sort of killed the project for a bit but the name and idea would always stick around for me to work with one day.

The rebirth of Ciscokids (if you could call it that) came back to me after I decided I would start producing parts from my car the Toyota Mark II JZX81. This car shares a lot of parts with the Australian delivered MX83 Toyota Cressida. So there it was; the Project had started and the rebirth of Ciscokids was here. So I guess this brings us up until now.

Well, the plans for Ciscokids?

Firstly it is about just enjoying and giving back to the community that once helped me when I got my first X83 Cressida some 10 years ago. “How?” you ask… By designing, manufacturing and replicating parts for the X8 Series Toyota. I will upload technical documents like Wiring Diagrams, ECU Pinouts and Workshop Manuals. Last but not least, I will be doing features on other peoples X Chassis builds also covering and reviewing events I go to. This will be covering the automotive side of things on the website.

Ciscokids is also a website that will also contain things about my lifestyle; things I enjoy outside of cars. These things being everything from Music, Graffiti and BMX to Fashion and all things Gentlemen-like.

I guess that is all for now, so if you have any questions feel free to contact me on any of the Social sites or look for Robaphent on many X Chassis and Toyota forums.

Thank you for taking the time out to read this post and visit my website.