Daikoku Futo… Take 2

So good we had to come back. Daikoku as i said in the last post has to be a highlight of any car enthusiast trip to Japan and now over for my Honeymoon i had to make sure i could fit another stop off at this famous carpark. This trip just like the first included a stop off at Mooneyes - Yokohama  for some hamburgers before the trip across the bridge to the meet spot. unlike the first time we did not take hours to get there and we did not get there too early. this time we seemed to have arrived right at the peak. again a huge range of car's, in this post im focusing on some of my favorites and highlight from this lot would have to be the rare R32 GTR 4 door.

Toyota automobile museum

The Trip of a lifetime, I have wanted to go to Japan for over 10 years and I guess being a pussy to commit to a trip, the rumours of it being expensive, and the whole language barrier thing had put me off making the effort to head over. This year I pulled my finger out and booked a 4 week trip over there and saw a few sights along the way; one of which was the Toyota Museum in Osaka.       Once we left Osaka we had a lot of day trips to different places before we made our way to Nagoya. Nagoya is home to two of my favourite places on my trip; Toyota Museum and Kidsheart. I have to say I really enjoyed this town not only for these two sites, but also as a whole. The Toyota museum had a mixture of all car manufacturers, not…