HKS Tokyo

HKS Tokyo, On a recent trip to japan i made an effort to go to HKS Tokyo, no intention of doing anything really i just wanted to go there and check it out and see what a HKS workshop was all about. When i got there i was shocked by the quality of the car's out the front, this was not your everyday run of the mill workshop this HKS branch was the current R35 GTR Lap record holder for its class at FUJI. the workshop behind had all your japanese favorites from a supra not seen in the picture to evo's and other GTR's. the owner himself was very friendly after i went a little fanboy and purchased all the merchandise i could he ended up throwing in a couple more items on the house. 

LED Van’s are the coolest.

I dont have much to say about this vehicles other then i love them. i dont know what it is about them but the eye attraction and attention to detail put into these vehicles has me in shock and then to finish it off the sound system some of these car's have are just pure insane and it makes me want one.  

Daikoku Futo… Take 2

So good we had to come back. Daikoku as i said in the last post has to be a highlight of any car enthusiast trip to Japan and now over for my Honeymoon i had to make sure i could fit another stop off at this famous carpark. This trip just like the first included a stop off at Mooneyes - Yokohama  for some hamburgers before the trip across the bridge to the meet spot. unlike the first time we did not take hours to get there and we did not get there too early. this time we seemed to have arrived right at the peak. again a huge range of car's, in this post im focusing on some of my favorites and highlight from this lot would have to be the rare R32 GTR 4 door.

Toyota city showcase – MegaWeb

The Dealership of the future? Toyota city showcase -Megaweb, is very much like the Toyota museum in witch is has cars on display, how ever it is more focused on Motorsport's and concepts as well was what is available at a dealership today. Think of it as a dealership of the future as you can test drive car's and concepts and see cool robot's Toyota has designed. my focus here was motorsport, and boy was i excited to see the Leman's car sitting front of shop as soon as i walked in.  Further to the side i stumbled across the Gazoo Racing section to see a wonderful LFA Race spec, now if i ever win 1st division loto this is the car i will buy myself. I have always loved the LFA so to see another one but in race spec was cool. little did i know further on down…

Daikoku Parking Area

The place of dream's. Daikoku Parking Area is the place to be if you are any type of car person. It is a true indication of what japanese car scene is about, you have so many cars in one area and from all different scene's Being the 1st time i have gone here, i found the drive in rather difficult. It was my 1st time using GPS and driving in a multi story freeway. so turn left may have meant turn left on level 2. after some hours of driving from mooneyes yokohama we finally got to the spot. for those who dont know, mooneyes is like 20-30 min away.         Even though it was rather late, we did seem to get there a bit early there was still a nice variety of cars on display. from the classic japanese ute's and van's to your drifter's/wangan racers…

Mooneyes – Yokohama

Yokohama is a beautiful town and a bit different to the other towns I had been in previously. The roads are wider and it does have a western kind of style I guess. On route we stopped off at a couple workshops like WELD and Works before we went to Mooneyes. We also stopped into Up-Garage Yokohama. Up-Garage Yokohama was one of the bigger Up-garages we stopped at but I must say it did not have as many good things as the other ones. This was maybe due to the location, and being more popular with westerners. Most westerners go to Yokohama for the workshops and then the Wangan afterwards, so they had catered to this by having westerners/tourist gifts. Nonetheless it was good to walk around and have a look and the staff there were very friendly. Arriving at Mooneyes I was a bit unsure of what to expect. I…