X Chassis from S.A Matsuri

Some of the other X chassis at Malalla Matsuri.  All driving hard the stand out's would have to be the two JZX100's they where pushing hard all day and it was good to watch, The X8 with the fender mirrors was something different powered by an RB25 by all things.  

S.A MATSURI – The road trip

It had been some time since I had willingly gone to a drift event or gone to a drift event but I had to drop a seat off and I had to support the crew that was helping me out with advertisement. Once again Thanks guys. Getting up Friday morning was no issue and we were soon out the door.  Aaron’s being our first stop to load the Ute up full of tools and load the trailer with his car on it. we were soon off to hit what is Melbourne peak hour traffic. Not looking forward to this to say the least but all things turned out good and we flowed right through to the 1st meet point where we would meet up with Grinter and sticker up the cars. Then we left a bit later than we anticipated but none the less on the road and making our…