S.A MATSURI – The road trip


It had been some time since I had willingly gone to a drift event or gone to a drift event but I had to drop a seat off and I had to support the crew that was helping me out with advertisement.

Once again Thanks guys.

Getting up Friday morning was no issue and we were soon out the door.  Aaron’s being our first stop to load the Ute up full of tools and load the trailer with his car on it. we were soon off to hit what is Melbourne peak hour traffic. Not looking forward to this to say the least but all things turned out good and we flowed right through to the 1st meet point where we would meet up with Grinter and sticker up the cars.


Then we left a bit later than we anticipated but none the less on the road and making our way to South Australia. Trip was fun a lot of shit talking and random crap but what road trip isn’t at 1st then then Breen and Ruby decided to have a couple drinks that escalated into what seemed like having a toilet breaks every 30min. we then found our self at our last stop Talim bend before heading into Adelaide and driving down the hills. This gave the cars a good workout and really tested the brakes on both cars by the end Grinters had smoke pouring out from it.


After about another hour we finally reached out destination, A Caravan park. We soon un packed and headed off to the Pub for a couple drinks and a dinner after that back to the cabin for more drinks and ready for the big day tomorrow.

Up early ready to make the trip and get in line for the event myself not expecting to see many cars get there before us, Turns out I was wrong. Already a decent amount of cars before us and the line behind us just kept growing over 150 cars in total where at the event.

Once gates opened we made way to the Gate got in and attempted to find out garage to unpack and get ready for the day head of us.DSC_1931

1st it was Grinter out in group A he was having binding issues at was creating problems at the start but that was soon fixed after a quick wheel alignment and back out he was throwing in big entries from the start,  Putting his new gearbox to the test.

Was not long before Aaron and Matt were out in Group B. Unlucky for both of them Matt running late and spent his time in the lineup before the session was called off. Aaron hitting a ripple strip and busting a ball joint, this put him and everyone in an angry/disappointed/what can we do type of attitude no one had parts. Matt was quick on the ball and put social media to the test before you know it we had two people on the way with Parts to get him back on the road


After that it was pretty smooth day till later on when Grinter blew his engine and had to be towed in and that put an end to his day. The other two spent the rest of the day without any major problems and everything ran smoothly we packed up and drove back to the caravan park to get ready for the long trip home.


As you can tell by reading this I’m not the best at writing stories about what happened but you get the idea of it, we drove, we drank and shit happened, some shit was sorted some was not all in all we enjoyed ourselves and the event.

Special mention to Jamie for taking the two Castor rod bolts off his car to allow Aaron to drive. (Jamie blew his engine as well)

DSC_2579DSC_2593NMS_1954DSC_2554DSC_2028 DSC_2018