Japan trip – Toyota megaweb


To me, Toyota Mega Web is like a giant car dealership, only more interactive. It maybe something other dealerships should look towards if they wanted to get more people in the doors. Toyota Mega Web has the full range of new cars, some classic cars, concept cars and race cars. The fun part about this showroom/museum is that it has driving simulators as well as a road track that runs throughout the site.

(See picture below)


When walking through Mega Web the first thing that caught my eye was the Lemans 89-CV Toyota – WOW what a machine. I spent a fair bit of time around this car just looking at how they constructed everything at the time. 









From the Lemans 89-CV Toyota I walked across to the Gazoo racing stand and noticed a driving simulator (GT6). I thought I would jump on this and have a quick go and it was rather fun racing up to 6 people to see who would get the best time over 3 laps.  Rather entertaining. Once I’d had a go on the simulator I went and spoke with the guy manning the Gazoo stand. We spoke about the Nurburgring 24 Hour that the Gazoo LFA raced in; and it was a good chat just in general about cars even with the broken English barrier.







There were many concept and classic cars around but nothing really grabbed my attention much, I guess I was mainly there for the Race cars. In saying that, there was a small little pocket rocket Toyota that I thought would excel in the Tokyo streets (Picture on left). Not far from the pocket rocket Toyota was what I came to see; the Super GT Lexus. The reason I wanted to see the Super GT Lexus was more for aero design/knowledge. As some people know I want to build my JZX81 into a time attack car so seeing these designs help me get an idea on how the aero works and has given me ideas on how I should attack things when it comes to doing my kit. 











Last is this Toyota Open wheeler. I’m not sure what form of racing this does, but it was just something different to see.  Thanks for taking a look, and if anyone has more information on it please let me know.  (Pictures below)