The FT1

The Supra Concept? I thought i would give this car its own post, to be honest it was a car when i had seen the pictures plastered all over the internet i was not fond of it. how ever it grew on me and i wanted to see it in person. so off to Toyota Central and MegaWeb i went to check out what some people had been calling the new Supra. I have to say in person this car is beautiful, at 1st i hated what i call the snub nose look. but it grew on me and i enjoyed it more and more, the side vents are a nice touch and give this car sleek line's that appealed to me and not being a supra fan of any sort i have to say this is the 1st one i came across saying i would own. How ever i…

History garage – MegaWeb

I never made it to History garage my first trip to Japan, i knew about it but did not know it was so close to Toyota City Central and just never went and such a shame. going there and seeing the variety of car's was breathtaking, the highlight for me was seeing the WRC Cars. Growing up in australia we use to get WRC highlights on channel 10 sunday morning's after every round and of course my favorite was the perth special stage and seeing the cars going over the jump while the other went under the tunnel i thought this was cool as. fast forward 20 years later and here i'm standing looking at some the biggest names in WRC car's my favorite being the GT4 Celica always had a soft spot for the old ST185 so to see one was awesome the 205 was the icing on the…

HKS Tokyo

HKS Tokyo, On a recent trip to japan i made an effort to go to HKS Tokyo, no intention of doing anything really i just wanted to go there and check it out and see what a HKS workshop was all about. When i got there i was shocked by the quality of the car's out the front, this was not your everyday run of the mill workshop this HKS branch was the current R35 GTR Lap record holder for its class at FUJI. the workshop behind had all your japanese favorites from a supra not seen in the picture to evo's and other GTR's. the owner himself was very friendly after i went a little fanboy and purchased all the merchandise i could he ended up throwing in a couple more items on the house. 

LED Van’s are the coolest.

I dont have much to say about this vehicles other then i love them. i dont know what it is about them but the eye attraction and attention to detail put into these vehicles has me in shock and then to finish it off the sound system some of these car's have are just pure insane and it makes me want one.  

Daikoku Futo… Take 2

So good we had to come back. Daikoku as i said in the last post has to be a highlight of any car enthusiast trip to Japan and now over for my Honeymoon i had to make sure i could fit another stop off at this famous carpark. This trip just like the first included a stop off at Mooneyes - Yokohama  for some hamburgers before the trip across the bridge to the meet spot. unlike the first time we did not take hours to get there and we did not get there too early. this time we seemed to have arrived right at the peak. again a huge range of car's, in this post im focusing on some of my favorites and highlight from this lot would have to be the rare R32 GTR 4 door.

Matsuri – Queensland

Dreams do come true. if you read my Kidsheart post you know that i have been a huge fan of Tezuka since he 1st came to australia, rather strange considering i'm not hugly into drifting. I think it was more the car control and see what he could do with a car that made me sit back and go wow. Fast forward over 10 years Ciscokids is going well with parts selling, S.A Matsuri was a blast and it was about time we did another trip. Queensland has always been my favorite drift scene, having gone to events with the Auszoku guy's when i was up there and just seeing the quality of car's and driving was exciting to watch. very different at the time to the melbourne scene of missiles and rust. so the opportunity came up to bring Tsuyoshi Tezuka to QLD for Drift matsuri, we had more…