Bevin’s 1UZ Turbo mark 2: Part 1 – The early stages


Bevin’s X8 mark 2, Well where do i start with this project car or even Bevin for that matter. Bevin use to drive/drift a 1JZGTE Powered MX83 cressida here in Victoria Australia when the chance came up for him to pick up a new shell and build a new drift car, he jumped on it. That car was a LX80 Series 1 Mark 2, Yes turbo diesel power, live axle base model X8. you might ask why start here and not just get another Cressida well this shell was cheap it was different and why the hell not?


There is not much i can type in regards to this build as it is in the early stages. but plans are 1UZ turbo, yes you read correct, Turbo and keep the live axle you might ask why do this? well it is a bit of work to do the IRS Swap correctly and with drifting the solid axle is no issue like it might be in other forms of Motorsport. To be honest i think he just wants to keep it for the power skids (with a 1UZ turbo will do rather easy). I will keep you up to date with this build as the projects moves through its stages. As you can tell it is just a shell with a 1UZ in it and it still needs cage plus many other things before it can compete. how ever Bevin’s motivation and willingness to work on the car is 2nd to none, As i write this blog he has already finished the intake and located where the turbo will be mounted all of witch will be covered in the next post.


Here is a sample of the manifold going on the 1UZ.