Kidsheart and Ciscokids

Ciscokids has now become an official distributor of Kidsheart products in Australia. I could not tell you how overwhelmed and happy i was to receive this confirmation.  I have been working long and hard into growing Ciscokids as a business and to have an overseas company take notice and allow me to become the official distributor for Australia was brilliant. Over the next couple week's we will be adding there item's into our on line shop with POA/Call for price structure until we can build our stock. Please check out Kidsheart Japan in the mean time and also jump on and Kidsheart Facebook

Japan trip – Daikoku Parking Area

I dont have much to say about the Daikoku parking area other then it is well worth the visit for any car enthusiasts. The variety in cars is amazing and i will let the pictures do the talking from here.

Japan trip – Toyota megaweb

To me, Toyota Mega Web is like a giant car dealership, only more interactive. It maybe something other dealerships should look towards if they wanted to get more people in the doors. Toyota Mega Web has the full range of new cars, some classic cars, concept cars and race cars. The fun part about this showroom/museum is that it has driving simulators as well as a road track that runs throughout the site. (See picture below) When walking through Mega Web the first thing that caught my eye was the Lemans 89-CV Toyota - WOW what a machine. I spent a fair bit of time around this car just looking at how they constructed everything at the time.              From the Lemans 89-CV Toyota I walked across to the Gazoo racing stand and noticed a driving simulator (GT6). I thought I would jump on this…

Japan trip – Mooneyes

Yokahama is a beautiful town and a bit different to the other towns I had been in previously. The roads are wider and it does have a western kind of style I guess. On route we stopped off at a couple workshops like WELD and Works before we went to Mooneyes. We also stopped into Up-Garage Yokohama. Up-Garage Yokahama was one of the bigger Up-garages we stopped at but I must say it did not have as many good things as the other ones. This was maybe due to the location, and being more popular with westerners. Most westerners go to Yokohama for the workshops and then the Wangan afterwards, so they had catered to this by having westerners/tourist gifts. Nonetheless it was good to walk around and have a look and the staff there were very friendly.  These cars in the pictures to the left where in the car…

Japan trip – Kidsheart

As you can tell from the last blog post I’m not one to go into detail over everything. I’m sorry about that as I could go on forever about all the cars I have posted. The trip has made me want to go back ASAP but funds and well, running a company holds me back. If you do have any questions about anything in relation to my Japan trip feel free to ask and I will help you out as best as I can. My other favourite place we visited in Nagoya was of course Kidsheart. After meeting my idol Tsuyoshi Tezuka at a Full Lock drift day at Calder Park, I had wanted go to Kidsheart to see his car in person for over 10 years.  Having owned a 1JZ Cressida and now the Kidsheart/HKS JZX81 Yamaha edition this was like the holy place for all things X Chassis…

Japan trip – Toyota museum

I have wanted to go to Japan for over 10 years and I guess being a pussy to commit to a trip, the rumours of it being expensive, and the whole language barrier thing had put me off making the effort to head over. This year I pulled my finger out and booked a 4 week trip over there and saw a few sights along the way; one of which was the Toyota Museum in Osaka. I haven’t got a lot of photos from Osaka as I didn’t have my camera on me unfortunately, but I must say it is a beautiful town and I will definitely be visiting there again next time I go to Japan; hopefully in late 2015 or 2016. Luckily enough I did have my camera on me when I was passing the Maclaren Dealership! The car was of course, the Anton Senna car.  After a…

The Yahoo Japan cheat sheet.

The Yahoo auctions cheat sheet. Please see the Technical section of this website if you want a in depth guide on how yahoo auctions works, how to get someone to bid on an item for you and how to create your own account. If you are chasing a word that is not on this list or would like some help, Please contact us and we will do our best to help.

X Chassis from S.A Matsuri

Some of the other X chassis at Malalla Matsuri.  All driving hard the stand out's would have to be the two JZX100's they where pushing hard all day and it was good to watch, The X8 with the fender mirrors was something different powered by an RB25 by all things.  

S.A MATSURI – The road trip

It had been some time since I had willingly gone to a drift event or gone to a drift event but I had to drop a seat off and I had to support the crew that was helping me out with advertisement. Once again Thanks guys. Getting up Friday morning was no issue and we were soon out the door.  Aaron’s being our first stop to load the Ute up full of tools and load the trailer with his car on it. we were soon off to hit what is Melbourne peak hour traffic. Not looking forward to this to say the least but all things turned out good and we flowed right through to the 1st meet point where we would meet up with Grinter and sticker up the cars. Then we left a bit later than we anticipated but none the less on the road and making our…

Bevin’s 1UZ Turbo mark 2: Part 1 – The early stages

Bevin's X8 mark 2, Well where do i start with this project car or even Bevin for that matter. Bevin use to drive/drift a 1JZGTE Powered MX83 cressida here in Victoria Australia when the chance came up for him to pick up a new shell and build a new drift car, he jumped on it. That car was a LX80 Series 1 Mark 2, Yes turbo diesel power, live axle base model X8. you might ask why start here and not just get another Cressida well this shell was cheap it was different and why the hell not? There is not much i can type in regards to this build as it is in the early stages. but plans are 1UZ turbo, yes you read correct, Turbo and keep the live axle you might ask why do this? well it is a bit of work to do the IRS Swap correctly…